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Rethink Wedding Chicken

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Wedding chicken has a bad rap. Rightfully so. It’s so bad it’s a listed term on Urban Dictionary.  UD’s description conjures up an unsettling image: “composite chicken masquerading as chicken breast and typically smothered in gravy or some kind of sauce to hide the fact that it is both bone dry and disgusting.” Ouch!

We here at the Barr Mansion pride ourselves on serving a delicious chicken dish that doesn’t include the typical adjectives used for “wedding chicken.”  First, we buy our chicken from Blackwing Meats.  They source organic, free range birds who are harvested to assure tenderness.  In the kitchen we use brining to enhance the flavor of the meat and make sure each piece is juicy (like real juicy).  Next, we slow cook the chicken in our house-made stock, adding another level of flavor.  Because we use a high quality bird and a slow cook method, we don’t need to over season (or drench in sauce). Honestly, any additions would detract from it’s great taste. The final outcome: instead of bone dry “wedding chicken”,  your guests are treated to real chicken they will rave about for weeks to come. It’s just what we do – great food!

Barr Mansion organic wedding chicken

Barr Mansion: high quality, organic chicken.

Six out of ten of our brides choose chicken as an entree option.  If you are choosing one protein entree, chicken is the best bet to meet the majority of your guests taste preferences. Some guests won’t eat red meat or are particular about how it’s cooked and to what temperature. Choose chicken and you eliminate those concerns.

Compliment your chicken with great side dishes.  Depending on the time of year you are hosting your wedding, the Barr Mansion menu provides many satisfactory side dishes for any meal. Make it a hearty meal and pair your chicken with a side of Roasted Red Pepper Mashed Potatoes or a lighter meal paired with a fresh from the garden Leafy Green Salad with berries and nuts.

Worried about your guests options? Round out your food menu by offering a delicious Pulled Pork Slider with Sage Aioli or a BaconWrapped Shrimp in Romesco Sauce during cocktail hour. We have many other appetizers and starters that would provide your guests with different meat options and an opportunity to taste the spectrum of our delicious fare.

Don’t forget the Bride and Groom are the VIPs.  Do you and your guy love roasted chicken? Then serve it. 

If it tastes good, nobody will mind!

How Sweet It Is!

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When we say inclusive -we mean even your cake is created in house from scratch by our very own pastry chef.  Let our  rich buttercream with spice cake, cream cheese on carrot cake, vanilla chiffon with lemon curd, decadent chocolate ganache on top of chocolate begin to temp your deserving tastebuds as you plan your big day! View our full gallery.

wedding cakes barr mansion

We make and bake it all. Our cakes are delicious.

Organic Source Spotlight: La Quercia

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by Adele No Comments

With our First Harvest Tasting coming up for couples getting married between April 15 – June 15, I thought it’d be nice to showcase some of our organic sources in the kitchen.  La Quercia supplies us with American-made, organic prosciutto — and has received many awards for their deeply flavored, melt-in-your-mouth cured meats.  Bon Appétit Magazine says “their products are served by perfectionist chefs like Mario Batali and Alice Waters” and Vogue says it’s “the best domestically-produced or imported prosciutto I’ve tasted.”   Check out their website for more about their (many!) awards, accolades and words of praise.  If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is it.

We believe Kathy and Herb and their team at La Quercia are doing what is imperative but also natural: returning an authenticity to our nation’s food production.  This authenticity and quality is what drives our recipe creation and sourcing in the kitchen — as well as the gardens and all other aspects of event production.

We’ll be testing recipes in the coming weeks for our First Harvest menu…   Do you have a favorite recipe featuring prosciutto?   We’d love to hear it!

More on La Quercia’s organic prosciutto:


Prosciutto Green Label, Organic


Fruit forward, builds to nutty, umami flavors then returns to fruit tones for finish


Berkshire male on a white female (Danbred or Chester White)


Certified organic, all pigs born on one farm


Becker Lane Organic Farm, Iowa


Rear leg/Ham


Pork, Sea Salt


Savor by itself, on sandwich with butter, wrap asparagus or fruit, especially figs


Parmigiano, Piave Vecchio, Ascutney Mountain (Cobb Hill Creamery, VT)


Champagne, dry Alsatian white


All images courtesy of La Quercia 

And finally, one of our many menu items:
Mozzarella, La Quercia Prosciutto and Native Greens Pesto Bruschetta  [photo by Katherine O’Brien Photography ]