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Rising from the Ashes

Posted on: November 17th, 2010 by admin 1 Comment

After weeks of anticipation, weeks of complications and ups and downs, the Barr Mansion team witnessed a spectacular show Tuesday.  Owner, chefs, wedding coordinators, gardener, groundskeeper and friends all came together to watch the barn raising, and the only emotions that pervaded all of the onlookers was excitement and joy.  We are so appreciative of Kevin Durkin and his team from Heritage Restorations and the work they have done this week on the barn.  Also, a HUGE thank you to Andy Peterson of Studio563 for the beautiful images that follow.

Construction: Barn Raising!

Posted on: November 15th, 2010 by admin No Comments

After a long weekend of weddings, the excitement is still in the air at Barr Mansion!  The Barr Mansion team pulled up to a wonderful site this chilly Monday morning: our barn has been delivered!  The team from Homestead Heritage is here laying out the barn frame and the raising will happen tomorrow!  The team will celebrate with Mimosas as we watch the barn being raised.  If you are able, please join us from 10 a.m. to noon tomorrow for the raising!

Construction: Week Two and Three

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Week two and three of construction have seen a ton of action!  Throughout week two we saw forms being constructed for the plinths that will hold the barn frame.  Rebar work began in the middle of the week for the new portion of the slab and also for the plinths.  The middle of the week also saw a section of a wall torn down!  Plumbing work began in the beginning of week three.  And finally, toward the end of week three, CONCRETE!  The forms for the plinths were filled with concrete so they can cure over the next few days.  We expect the barn frame to go up early in week four.  The pictures and videos that follow are in chronological order.

Check out the wall coming down here.  Video courtesy of Brandi Blaisdell.

Week Three of Construction

Check out a video of plinths being filled here.

Construction: Week One

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Week One of construction has been filled with noise, noise, NOISE!  And the Barr Mansion team has never been so happy to go home with our ears ringing and with sore throats from yelling over the sounds of construction!  Week One has seen the restroom and service areas completely taken apart with only the Mesquite trees remaining.  Excavation for the slab extension and prep for the concrete work has made the Artisan Ballroom site filled with debris.  The mess is a welcome one, and it’s definitely progress!  The pictures that follow are in chronological order from week one of construction starting October 25th and running through November 1st.

Stay tuned for more updates!