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5 Reasons to Have a Summer Wedding in Texas

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by admin 7 Comments

Around the country, summer weddings are popular, but in Texas, the summer months tend to be slow as folks fight concerns about the heat and the discomfort it can bring.  We want to encourage you to re-think your idea of a summer wedding in Austin and consider these five factors for why having a wedding in June, July or August could be a wise choice!

  1. Price.  It’s no secret that dream wedding venues can be pricey, but in Texas, you’ll find deep discounts during summer months.  In fact, summer brides can see savings in upwards of 20-30% off regular prices during the “slow season”.  All of that savings can go towards making your wedding spectacular in other ways, with say, outdoor misters, shade structures, or more refreshing mojitos for your guests!
  2. Vacation Time.  One of the most stressful parts of picking the perfect wedding date is ensuring that all your most important guests will be able to attend.  Perhaps your best friend is finishing up her last semester of graduate school or your older sister is wrapping up a medical residency and has limited free time.  Often, the summer months are the best for your loved ones, who are still in school or who have regular full-time employment and need to travel, to take time off.
  3. Lighter Fare. Feeding your wedding guests can be challenging and the summer months afford you the opportunity to opt for more seasonally appropriate, lighter fare.  We assure you it is much easier to get away with serving appetizers only on a sultry, warm summer night that it is on a cool fall or spring evening.  Plus, if you love summer produce, like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and summer squash, these months are the best time to get this bounty fresh and locally.
  4. Long Days. With gloriously long summer days, the possibilities to catch daylight for your wedding are seemingly endless.  A sunset wedding can happen on an “off” weekday as late as 8:30pm, leaving your local guests ample time to get ready and head over after work.  Brunch ceremonies can be sun-drenched affairs, held in lovely indoor or outdoor spaces before the day gets too hot to handle.  Also, summer evenings are absolutely divine for dancing late into the night.
  5. Attire Appropriate. We’ve seen on a number of wedding blogs that it is estimated that 75% of all wedding dresses are sleeveless, meaning that an evening ceremony in the fall or winter may leave the bride chilly.  In the summer, a gorgeous sleeveless gown in a lighter fabric can not only be stunning, but also comfortable.  Guests may also find it liberating to enjoy more casual attire, such as light linen suits and brightly colored dresses.

So, a wedding with beautifully dressed, happy guests enjoying luxuriously long days and delicious, light seasonal favorites – all for an affordable price.  Sounds like a winning formula for a summer wedding to us!